A downloadable mod

Half-Life 2 is required!

Source Playground Beta Is A Map For Half-Life 2 Where you can spawn, destroy and explore. It's very similar to Gmod.

All Instruction about how to use the mod and binds etc is in the readme file.

Current Version: Beta 3 (See Changelog Here)

Note: Map Pack 1 is currently disabled for downloading as it will need to be ported to Beta 3.

Available In Gamebanana:


RGB Software - Creator & Developer

PENGUINCODER1 - Original Beta Tester And Developer

You - Beta Tester

Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
AuthorRGB Software
Tags3D, Sandbox

Install instructions

All Bindings and instructions in readme file.

NOTE: If you have the previous version overwrite the sourceplayground.bsp with the new sourceplayground.bsp

and please overwrite the playgroundtextures folder aswell as it contains new textures.


SourcePlayground (Beta 3 Latest) 857 kB
SourcePlayground (Beta 2 OUTDATED) 463 kB
SourcePlayground (Beta 1 OUTDATED) 346 kB

Development log


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umm i cant do it

ok, first,

do you have half life 2? if not then you might not

if you do I might do a video tutorial, I'm currently busy so yeah

can anyone send a tutorial of how to setup the game plz

well, you should see the readme file when installing source playground

there you will find instructions.

if it's not clear reply back and I might just help you out.

can u play multiplayer

technically yes, i can port the map to Half-Life 2 Deathmatch so you can shoot each other and troll your friends however idk if it will work so I might try testing.


Thank You